Did your bank turn you down

Did your bank turn you down

When you’re on the hunt for commercial lending, the most common place to start is a bank. In the past, your local bank was the only place to get commercial loans. Now, there are many alternatives, but banks still offer the most affordable routes and have a physical presence in your community. So, they are a good place to start searching for your loan.

If you do get approved for a commercial loan from a bank, consider yourself lucky! Although bank lending is on the upswing, only about 20% of small business owners qualify for a bank loan.

Since the 2007 recession, banks have been slow to approve commercial loans for small businesses. The lucky few who get banks loans have excellent credit and established, profitable businesses.

In addition, getting a bank loan is difficult if you only need a small amount of capital. Banks prefer larger loan sizes—over $250,000—because commercial lending in large chunks is more profitable for them.

That's why working with Freedom Legacy Consulting may be exactly what you need to get the funding that your business requires. We have lending partners that have more flexiblity than a traditional bank loan. 

We are able to qualify alot of client that have been turned down by banks. Contact us and let us go over your scenario to see what we can do for you. Don't wait, call us now. 


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